Your Turn Next! 005 – Target Audiences

DC, Reese, and Ryan chat about target audiences and in a truly bizarre twist, they mostly stay on target! From family games to licensed IPs to Age of Sigmar, this show’s got a little something for everyone.

Check out the article, Stay on Target, that we mentioned on the show, and let us know what games you think did the best job of hitting their target audience. Find us in iTunes here or listen below!

3 thoughts on “Your Turn Next! 005 – Target Audiences”

  1. “No one expects to spend 4 hours playing a deep convoluted game about farm animals.”

    Have you heard of Agricola? Widely considered one of the best board games of all time.

  2. Absolutely.

    As a counter-point, though, I would say the target audience of Agricola is still pretty clear. When you look at Agricola, you don’t see a cutesy kids game. You see a pretty hefty Euro-game.

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