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Your Turn Next! 002 – Team Up

DC, Reese, and Tony chat about various co-op games, team games, and what they like about the genre before the discussion devolves into a mash-up between a dwarven drinking game and a pillow fight.

Check out the article, Cooperation is Key, that we discussed on the show, and let us know about your favorite co-op games. Find us in iTunes here or listen below!

Your Turn Next! 001 – Dinocycles

DC, Reese, and Tony chat about crowd-funding, self-publishing, and the wacky ideas these formats should be bringing into the world.

Check out the article, Age of Creative Freedom, that we discussed on the show, and let us know what crazy ideas you think would love to see made into books or games some time in the future.

Episode 008 – Random Video Game Nonsense

We were going to talk about Pathfinder but then somebody mentioned Zelda or Mario and we kinda became sidetracked. That’s OK, though, because we were able to suss out Monsanto’s evil work re: genetically modified vegetable sprites and the National Dairy Council’s Milk Mafia.

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