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Your Turn Next! 001 – Dinocycles

DC, Reese, and Tony chat about crowd-funding, self-publishing, and the wacky ideas these formats should be bringing into the world.

Check out the article, Age of Creative Freedom, that we discussed on the show, and let us know what crazy ideas you think would love to see made into books or games some time in the future.

Your Turn Go! 048 – Wolf Tags Kickstarter with DC

Game designer David DC Carl joins us this week to talk about his new Kickstarter campaign and Werewolf games. Then John gets his nerd revenge by quizzing us with trivia that we hardly know! Who will win? Is it even possible to win in this scenario? Listen to this extra long episode and find out!

Go see DC’s kickstarter here and get yourself some cool Werewolf swag: Wolf Tags KS

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